Look, we’ll be 100% honest that the Lab isn’t for everybody. It's meant to be a self-serve product and that's not for everyone. 

Some people are looking for a “high touch” experience – with the ability to get on the phone with or email a consultant every single time a question occurs to them. If this is you then perhaps a traditional consultant is a better fit. 

We're happy to answer QUICK questions and provide support over email (via our support form), but the Lab is NOT a good fit for someone who needs a lot of hand-holding, has LOTS of questions, is looking for constant personal reassurance, or can't manage the application process themselves - those folks should hire a traditional admissions consultant, and be prepared to (rightfully) pay that person handsomely for their time. 

We DO offer individual consulting services as optional add-ons, but how we deliver these is "different" as well. These are NOT live sessions with a consultant - we provide our feedback via recorded video. If you feel you MUST speak live with someone (or have someone SPECIFIC provide you with feedback), then you'll want to look into working with a traditional consultant.