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The sooner the better!***

Your resume and career vision form the foundation of your ENTIRE application. Why's that you ask? Read this: MBA Admissions Committees Have Needs… Do You Meet Those Needs?

Our Sanity Checks are meant to bring up potential problems in your Career Vision and overall story (does it make sense given your background? is it specific enough? is it compelling? is it clear why you need an MBA?) so that you're able to make adjustments and put together your strongest application possible (instead of getting "feedback" on your application in the form of a rejection). 

You'll want to do your Sanity Check BEFORE you start writing your individual essays (as nearly EVERY program has an essay where you'll need to talk about your goals and "why MBA") - you’ll be in a better position to write your essays once you've got a strong base to build on!  

*** But you MUST complete the following portions of the Lab BEFORE your Sanity Check!

  • Career Vision  
  • Why MBA 
  • Resume Module 

We price our "Sanity Check" with the expectation that someone has already gone through these modules in-depth, and so on our end, we're able to help you REFINE your story and not build it from scratch (which would obviously take several, several hours and would thus have to be priced accordingly).