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We aim to get you your edited materials back within Three US Business Days

That being said, please plan accordingly and do NOT leave things to the very last minute right before a deadline. If you need to ask "does this day count as a business day?" or "what time can I expect to get these back on [day]?", you're cutting things too close. 

We frequently get materials back to people in LESS than 3 days, but we're all human and things do occasionally happen that cause delays. For everyone's sake, (ours and yours), please build in a buffer when you're planning out your application timeline and do not ask us to "rush" materials at the last minute - have you heard the saying that "an emergency on your part doesn't constitute one on ours"?  Now you have. 

We will confirm receipt of your materials and that we have passed them on to our editing partner, Admissionado. 

If you have not received this confirmation within 12 hours of sending us your materials, please drop us a note with your order number so that we can make sure we didn't miss something!