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Nope! If you get stuck on something and can't find an answer in the FAQs or if something isn't clear in the Lab, we're here to help!

Questions sent to (or submitted via any of the "contact us" links) throughout the site or below will get an answer from either Carin or Maria - usually within 1-2 business days.

Note that while we're happy to answer QUICK questions and provide support over email, if you're looking for detailed guidance on your resume/story/essays, we'll ask you to book our add-on services. We don't include detailed 1:1 feedback and guidance in the base price of the Lab as not everyone wants it - and we'd have to raise the price of the Lab considerably if we did!

Please also don't be surprised if we point you back towards advice in the Lab or to one of our Blog articles if your question is covered somewhere already - this is how we keep our prices low and make our business model work!

If you anticipate having LOTS of questions, are not willing to "search first" for answers, or want someone to help you manage the overall application process and give you ongoing personal reassurance, then honestly, a traditional admissions consultant might be a better fit for you. 

***Note - questions sent directly to Carin/Maria or to email addresses other than "" that you might have found elsewhere are HIGHLY likely to be missed.  Your best bet is to contact us via the contact form in the lower right hand corner throughout the Lab!