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Great question! The answer is a combination of three things: 

  • OMG, they are making so much money as-is: why kill the golden goose?
  • They have built their businesses on the brand promise that you'll get some sort of specialized advice that is highly-tailored to you. This brand promise is what helps justify their fees. If they started doing things the way we do, then they'd effectively be ADMITTING that they never really needed so much staff/such high fees/etc. in the first place... and that it was, in fact, mostly for show. Why risk pulling back the curtain on the Great and Powerful Oz? :) 

  • What makes you think that they AREN'T copying ApplicantLab? More and more we're hearing from folks that other consulting firms are ALSO introducing video lessons, online worksheets, and workflows that favor e-mails vs. calls, etc. --- sometimes even as part of their $10k+ package services!!! 

    So, while other firms may not have gone WHOLE HOG into digital / video the way ApplicantLab has, more and more of them are in fact introducing things like "advice portals" and "video lessons" as part of their service (Now are the firms that are introducing digital tools lowering their prices, accordingly? LOL, NO. They are using ApplicantLab-style tools, while still charging super-high fees. How nice of them!)