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ApplicantLab was started with the mission to make world-class admissions advice available to everyone, not only people who can spend thousands of dollars.  

Read the full story behind how and why Maria started ApplicantLab here. 

The answer as to how we're able to provide the same advice as top consultants for a fraction of the price is efficiency and scale. Instead of spending hundreds of hours 1:1 with a small number of people over the years explaining the SAME thing over and over again (not efficient), Maria has spent hundreds of hours creating detailed videos and articles that include all of the SAME advice she would give to someone 1:1. 

This took a lot of time up front, but since LOTS of people can view videos/read articles at the same (whereas only one person can talk LIVE to Maria at a time), we can charge a FRACTION of what we'd have to charge to hear all of this advice live.