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Please ensure that your essays are either roughly at, or no more than 15% over, the word-limits before sending them in for polishing.   

Yes, our editing polishing services are meant to help you with getting things under word count limits.  And our editors are good, but they're not magicians. Nor are they in the business of writing your essays FOR you. 

If your essays are more than 15% longer than the prescribed word limit, then you've got more work to do on them before they're ready for polishing. 

Shortening things by more than 15% typically requires making CONTENT decisions and that starts to be "too much help" in our eyes. We cannot write your essays for you. They need to be your work. 

If you DO send us excessively long essays, we will send them back to you for further work before we pass them on for polishing. Should that happen, naturally your "3 business day" turnaround time will only apply when you send over the updated materials.