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The reason the advice in the Lab is so much better than what you’ll find on ANY other consulting firm’s blog, e-book, etc. is that THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL YOU ON THEIR $10,000+ PACKAGES. 

Therefore, their content will NEVER tell you EVERYTHING they know — why would they jeopardize their high-margin, over-priced consulting business by making ALL of their tips free on a blog? They'd go out of business in a week!

Don't believe us? Pay attention the next time you read a blog post: it will usually provide one morsel of useful advice (to establish credibility), but the rest of it will probably be vague / ambiguous because they're hoping that the "free taste" of advice they gave will be enough to get your wallet... um, we mean "you" in the door.    

Since ApplicantLab doesn’t have an existing high-priced business to protect, we tell you EVERYTHING we know in the Lab. 

This is why the reviews are so high and this is why, even if you’ve been burned / frustrated by some vague e-book from someone else, we promise you’ll find the advice in the Lab to be far more comprehensive. 

Watch this video for a more in-depth explanation.  

There is a 7-day refund policy should you purchase the Lab and decide it's not for you, so you have nothing to lose!