ApplicantLab is geared more towards full-time programs (as that's what there's more demand for) but yes, you can 100% use ApplicantLab to prepare your applications for part-time programs. 

Many of the top part-time programs ask the EXACT same essay questions that their full-time counterparts so all of the advice for these will be the same. For part-time programs that ask DIFFERENT essay questions, we have specific advice for many of these, and for those that we don't, they're likely covered by our "General" essay advice that you'll have the option to add to your account when you select which programs you're applying to. 

The biggest difference between applying for a full-time vs. a part-time program is that your Career Vision shouldn't involve making a big switch (as most part-time MBAs are focused on progressing in the careers vs changing them). 

Also, since you won't be taking two years "off," instead of discussing your "post-MBA" role, you'll want to talk about your goals in terms of what your plans are for DURING your program and AFTER your program (and then also what your long term objective is) 

You will 100% still need to clearly articulate WHY you need the degree and why NOW is the best time for you to do so! 

The free trial will give you access to some of the elements of the Lab and upgrading will unlock all of the modules and allow you to view the essay advice. 

There is a 7-day refund policy should you purchase the Lab and decide it's not for you, so you have nothing to lose!