Sorry things didn't play out for you last year.  YES, ApplicantLab can help you increase your chances of being successful THIS time around. 

Reasons for being "dinged" (or not receiving an admissions offer) are typically one of the following: 

  • Your overall story was weak/didn't make sense 
  • Your resume didn't present your leadership ability/potential 
  • Your stats were below what the school would consider to be competitive 
  • Your essays didn't effectively convey your story/leadership potential 

ApplicantLab will help you identify which of these scenarios applied to you and provide you with the information you need to make adjustments for your next set of applications.  You'll also find advice on how to approach "reapplicant" essays that some schools specifically ask for. 

As you start prepping, if you want individual feedback/support, we do offer that.  Our Sanity Checks** are Step 1 in getting 1:1 help and will give you feedback on whether your overall "story" makes sense and your resume is strong.  

. . . From there you'll be able to book strategic essay reviews to make sure that THOSE are also as strong as possible.   

There is a 7-day refund policy should you upgrade and then decide that the Lab isn't for you, so you have nothing to lose!  

**If you do book a Sanity Check, be sure to provide the context to your consultant that you applied previously (and to what programs) and what your outcome at each was (invited to interview/not).