We've had a number of deferred applicants use the Lab and successfully gain admission to a number of top deferred programs.

Some of the advice in the Lab is going to be a little more geared towards experienced applicants (as that's what the majority of our users are), but it is all relevant to you as well. The only difference is that the context of your leadership will be different. So, candidates with 4+ years of experience focus the bulk of their essays on their work accomplishments. Since you don't have full-time work experience yet, you'll have to mine on-campus activities, internships, and any entrepreneurial endeavors to demonstrate your leadership.

You will also need to clearly "connect the dots" between your planned post-college employment, the MBA, and then your plan for post-MBA and how all of those will come together to help you reach your long term goal. We don't have a specific section in the Career Vision section for you to lay out how your post-college career plans fit into everything, but this is an important piece!

As with any advice that you get from anyone, you should use your own judgement to determine how to best apply that advice to your personal situation :) 

Check out this review of a Lab user that used ApplicantLab and was admitted to both Stanford's deferred program and Yale's Silver Scholars and let us know if you have additional questions!

There is a a 7-day refund policy, so if you sign up and it's just not for you -- no worries; you'll get your money back :)