I feel that my background is very unique / under-represented in the applicant pool (e.g. non-profit; education; military; athletics; the arts...) Can ApplicantLab still help me?
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While you might be the only person you know of in your specific corner of the world that is applying to business school, over our 8+ years in operation, and over helping HUNDREDS of people, we've seen and helped people with just about EVERY background out there (non-profit, professional athletes, teachers, military veterans, lawyers... even a professional SCUBA instructor!) 

Often the challenge for you will be: 

1) Figuring out what it is that business programs are looking for! 

2) Translating your previous achievements / explaining them in a way that admissions officers will "get." 

ApplicantLab will help you position your experiences to illustrate your leadership ability no matter what your "background" is. Our step-by-step process will help ensure that no opportunity is left out for you to shine!  

See our success stories for details on the types of people who have used ApplicantLab and been accepted to their dream schools!