I feel that my background is very common / over-represented in the applicant pool (e.g. consulting; finance; IT / engineering...) Can ApplicantLab still help me?
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The beauty of ApplicantLab is that it helps ANYONE figure out the BEST way to make the most of their stories and how to focus the reader’s attention on their “raw ingredients of leadership” (as we call them) - regardless of where the evidence of this comes from. 

For those that come from over-represented backgrounds (consultants, engineers, bankers, etc.), ApplicantLab will help you highlight your stories that SET YOU APART from "everyone else" and help you stand out to the AdCom. 

In fact, the more over-represented your group is in the pool, the MORE important it is to: 

1) Understand which achievements are most likely to interest AdComs 

2) EXPLAIN those stories in a way that pulls in not just unique, but compelling details so that YOUR stories stand out! 

See our success stories for details on the types of people who have used ApplicantLab and been accepted to their dream schools!