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If you've received acceptances and are hoping to negotiate your scholarship offers:

Congrats! We've got some advice in the Lab on how to do this. It's a little hidden at the moment, but you'll find it in the "To Do List" module (at the very bottom under "The Interview and Beyond").  

If you haven't yet applied and are just thinking ahead:

Please realize that scholarships to business school are FAR less common than they were in Undergrad. Yes, they are available (and Lab users get them!) but most schools expect the majority of their students to pay for the degree themselves, via a combination of savings / student loans. 

So please enter this process with a clear sense that they may not be AS available, as this is different from undergraduate financial aid, where scholarships were far more plentiful.

If getting a scholarship is the only way you can possibly go to school, then to be honest you need to cast a really wide net and apply to schools where your GMAT score is, let's say 100+ points over their average. That will help move the needle and makes it more likely that they'll want to grab you, so that your GMAT score helps improve their average.