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You'll find all of the details on our add-on services here

We offer all of our services "a la carte" instead of in packages as many users start out thinking that they're going to want X number of essays reviewed, or Y number of mock interviews only to realize that after they've gone through the full Lab, they no longer feel that they do! 

After going through the advice in ApplicantLab, you may may feel confident enough on your own (or after asking a friend for help) and so you don't need that review after all, or you may do a strategic essay review for one school, and find that the advice given there can easily be incorporated to other programs and so you won't feel the need to have THOSE essays reviewed.

Unlike traditional consultants who really want you to buy packages up front (even though frankly a LOT of the advice from school #1 is going to carry over to school #2, 3, etc), we don't want you to book reviews that you don't need! We're in the business of providing AFFORDABLE advice and want to make sure you only pay for the help that you feel you need. 

So definitely work your way through the Lab and see how things go before deciding what services you need!