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We don't have the option to "freeze" or "pause" accounts - what we DO have is the option to extend your subscription once it expires at a highly discounted rate - $99 for an additional 6 months, or only $149 for an additional 12 months of access (and the 6 months/12 months will start from whatever point you "reactivate").

If your account does "lock" for a period of time, any work you've done will be preserved and be there for you when you return. We do things this way because of the large amount of advice in the Lab and how much value can be derived from that advice even early on in the application process. 

Even if you're not applying until next year, there is a lot you can do between now and when you formally "start" your applications:

  • Learning about what admissions committees consider to be "leadership", so now you have a whole year to bolster that part of your profile, at work, in the community, or both
  • Learning what each of the schools is looking for, and perusing the different essays / essay advice so that it's in the back of your mind, to, again, help guide your actions over the next year to strengthen your application
  • Ongoing access to the Brainstorming module, so that you can make note of / won't forget any accomplishments they you have over the next year
  • Being very well aware of what your RECOMMENDERS will be asked, so that way you can improve the relationship with a current boss OR begin to cultivate a relationship with another executive, or perhaps with a leader at an organization you're involved with outside of work

We've tried to make the price of extending a subscription extremely fair to account for as many situations as possible - thanks for understanding!